How to write Arabic Salavat

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Salavatı is a prayer to the sheriff prophet and to his companions to wish salvation and peace.
The prayer of the prayer which is Arabic, is id allahümme salli ala seyyidina muhammedin and ala ali seyyidina muhammed ışı.

Salavât-şerîfe salatu salam is a prayer that should be said when the name of the prophet is passed. In addition, salat and greetings are sent to our Prophet by taking salavat every time. It is a great prayer which is of great importance with its writing and meaning.
Arabic prayer is high and easy to commemorate the Prophet.

Salavat’s Arabic Type of Formation

اللَّهَمُ صالّ عس لآ سيَدنا م،حٍمَّدَ ُ واعّلّ َىلَى سيِّدنا مَّحُمَّدَّ

Illustrated Arabic Salavat Examples

Arabic Type of Salavat Salavat
Arabic Type of Salavat Salavat
What is the Meaning of Salavatı Şerif?
The meaning of Salavatı is as important as the writing of the sheriff.
This small prayer means; My God (Prophet Muhammad) is in the form of mercy of Allaah (Prophet Muhammad) and Alina (married).


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